Salesforce Applications

February 14, 2016

Salesforce / Custom Applications

We consult, analyze, prototype, design & develop custom CRM applications that are user-experience centric, efficient and under budget. We practice collaborative approach to deliver testable products…

We are experienced at architecting cloud & mobile apps. Whether you to transform your business process into Salesforce cloud or Service cloud, customize your existing applications or take your concept to market, we can help.

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Business Analysis, Workflow and Architecture

We can help you translate your business processes into Salesforce workflow. We can design your process on the platform, ensuring the best use of Salesforce functionality, custom objects and custom fields, workflows, triggers, Apex code and Visualforce pages. We can help you architect a practical solution that will provide your business the most value.

Development, Customization & Deployment

Customization of Sales Cloud including lead, campaign and opportunity management.
Customization of Service Cloud including case management, service console, knowledge, chatter, live agent, contact center.
Communities & Sites.
Apex Programming & Triggers.
Workflow Rules & Customization.
Visualforce Development.
Custom integration, REST and SOAP APIs.
CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.
Focus in banking, financial, healthcare, technology domains.
Custom Applications
We can bring your concepts into reality! We can help you build more than you thought possible in a typical CRM system.

Custom Communities

We can build custom communities to help you connect with your customers, partners, and suppliers, helping you realize the full potential of the capabilities.

Connect Salesforce to the web

Share information through your portal.
Connect with your customers and partners.
Mobile Solutions
Using, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, we can help you build a custom mobile solution that uses data from your Salesforce applications.

Project Management Services

Poject Management Consulting & Services.

More information on our SFDC services