Testing Services

February 14, 2016

Testing Services for Legacy, Web & Mobile Applications

Get your software thoroughly tested, guaranteed! We can take on regression, functional, build or UAT testing only for $16/hour global rates with an assurance of quality and timeliness.

Whether you are developing your own applications or you are integrating third party applications, we have an extensive testing, software development, and business experience to help you ensure that your applications will function exactly as you expected. We help you take ambugity and guess work out of any ‘ready-to-deploy’ applications. We rely on our clear, simple yet comprehensive test planning process, test design and test execution process backed by strong testing reporting metrics. Our testing methodology aligns with your business priorities, IT SDLC and PMO processes. .

Regression Testing

We will test/re-test after fixes or modifications of your software applications or its environment(s) to ensure that the existing features still work and that new features smoothly integrate with the existing ones. To the extent practically possible, we will automated regression testing for a quick turn-around.

Functional Validation Testing

We will drill down to each and every functionality of your applications in order to ensure that applications conform to the agreed upon requirements and specifications, and will present you with a traceability matrix. Our expertise in positive, negative, data and smoke testing helps our team do this efficiently.

Test Automation Services

Our comprehensive automation testing strategy relies on a risk basked, busines oriented approach. Our test automation experts will assist you in creating re-usable, maintainable scripts for an array of testing tools including Selenium, HP / ALM / QTP, Soap UI, Silk, OpenSTA, LoadRunner, WebLoad, Rational and other automation tools.